Felicidade numa panela
(Happiness in a pot)

2024, 19’, HD, color, sound

In Happiness in a Pot, I wanted to explore the idea of starting with something very small and day-to-day. I began with a cooking pot that made a peculiar musical sound and decided to let the film and chance guide the way. It was made in intimacy, with only me and Marcelo Tavares in the crew. The film was very open from the beginning, and I think it still is, giving a lot of space for the viewer to see what they want in it. I think giving time for immersion in something mundane can be a type of resistance.

While cooking, Yaxuan notices that her pot makes a peculiar sound. That sound wil generate a wandering around food rituals, which appear as a bridge between past and present.

Yaxuan Zhang
Sérgio Monteiro-Rodrigues
César Oliveira
Rui Lima and
Sérgio Martins

sound recording and post-production
Marcelo Tavares

color grading
Andreia Bertini

Presented by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian & Escola das Artes