I’m a filmmaker and film editor born in Lisbon. I was raised in the cinema world, attending shootings and editing studios since ever. As a teenager, I watched old hollywood movies daily at the Lisbon cinemathèque.

Then I drifted away from narrative and classical forms of filmmaking in my personal creations, but these experiences left a big mark on me. I feel at home in the cinema room and in post-production studios. I love to edit because it’s where time, which we could say is the main ingredient of cinema, is the star.

I have questioned the role of the cinema room in my master’s thesis, in which I’ve explored the world of videoart and alternative exhibition spaces. That’s something that interests me a lot both in my creative process as well as in working with others. Recently I did a residency at Alfaia association in Algarve and created “Orange Tree Altar”, an installation that mixes video with other elements.

Feel free to reach me out for any questions, access to my works, projects on which we could collaborate or if I could help in any way.


Clara Jost (1997, Lisbon) studied film editing and directing at Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema (Lisbon), and holds a master's degree in Audiovisual Arts from KASK (Ghent, Belgium), which she attended as a Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation fellow.

Author of several short films, she also works as an editor, having collaborated with Teresa Villaverde, Tomás Paula Marques, Salomón Pérez and João Onofre, for example.

In 2020, her film “Meine Liebe” won IndieLisboa's National Short Film Competition and circulated in festivals such as Premiers Plans Angers (France), Festival du Nouveau Cinéma Montreal (Canada), Lago Film Fest (Italy), ZINEBI (Spain), Alchemy Film and Moving Image (Scotland) and shows in Kunsthall Munster (Germany), Museo Malba (Argentina) and ARQUIVO & PESQUISA: Relatos Sagrados (Brazil).

Bringing her thinking closer to the visual arts, in 2022 she wrote the thesis “Au hasard, cinema: thoughts on the location of cinema in space and time”, in which she reflected on the points of (dis)encounter between video art and cinema. In 2024 she made her first installation piece “Orange tree altar”, a reflection on intensive agriculture in the region of Algarve (PT).